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Referral Program

buySAFE offers a simple referral/affiliate program allowing you to get paid for sharing the world's best safe shopping application, Shopping Advisor.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you will earn $1.00 for every person you refer to buySAFE who installs Shopping Advisor into their browser. The more people you refer to Shopping Advisor, the more money you earn. Top affiliates can easily earn thousands of dollars per month in referral fees.

It's free and easy to join. All you have to do is register and we'll provide you with a selection of promotional banner graphics, buttons and links to place on your website, blog or email signature.

It's really that simple. Just follow these quick steps to get started:

  1. Join buySAFE or login to create your free account.
    If you already have a buySAFE account, simply login to your account.
  2. Login to your new referral account. Simply go to the Shopping Advisor tab, and then click on the Referral Program link.
  3. Select display banner graphics. Browse the list of promotional graphics and select the banner graphics you want to display on your website, blog or in your emails.
  4. Copy the source code for your selected display banners or buttons. Paste it anywhere on your website or blog to link to us and get referral credit. Your source code includes a unique referral code so that you get credit each time someone installs Shopping Advisor. (For detailed instructions on how to add buttons to your website, click here.)
  5. Start earning money by spreading the word about Shopping Advisor today!
  6. Join the Referral Program! Click here »

Have questions?
Review the Shopping Advisor Referral Program FAQs below for more information. Or ask us your important questions at the buySAFE Forums at


Join the Referral Program! Click here »


Referral Program FAQ's

How do I signup?
First, in order to accrue referral, you need to create a buySAFE account.

Once you have an account, access your Referral Program dashboard by logging into your buySAFE account (from, click on the "login" link and enter your account info). Once you are logged in, access the Shopping Advisor Referral Program tab.

From your personal Referral Program dashboard, you can:

  • Access your unique Referral code that you should be using to refer users.
    This is the code that allows buySAFE to track your referrals.
  • Promote Shopping Advisor on your site with our referral graphics.
  • Select to donate your rewards to charity or collect your rewards via PayPal.

After you've made at least one successful referral, the dashboard will reveal how many visits, downloads and installations your referral activities have generated. You can also review rewards you have accrued, your previous payments and up-to-date balance.


How do I redeem my rewards?
The referral bonus will be credited to your account after each referral installs Shopping Advisor, up to 10,000 such bonus payments.

Every Referrer who has earned total referral bonuses of $25 USD or more will be paid via a direct payment through PayPal during the first week of every month. Payment processing may take up to 72 hours.

If you are not yet a PayPal user, you will need to register with PayPal to receive your funds. Payments will be sent to the email address used to register the Shopping Advisor that was used for the referrals. PayPal allows for multiple emails, should you need to add a new valid email to receive your funds.

The minimum bonus payment buySAFE will pay is $25.00. In other words, a Referrer must make enough referrals to earn at least $25 USD before a bonus payment will be sent. If a Referrer does not match the minimum in a given month, then the accrued bonus is moved to the next monthly cycle until the Referrer has reached the $25 USD minimum.

For a complete list of terms for the Shopping Advisor Referral Program, please visit


How do I donate my rewards?
If you select to donate your rewards, buySAFE will automatically donate your accrued rewards at the end of each month to the charity you selected and your balance will be reset at the end of each month. You can at any time select a new charity from your dashboard or select to redeem your rewards by using the choice pannel from the Referral Program section of your buySAFE user dashboard.


How can I add a Shopping Advisor Referral button or signature to my...Blogger, LiveJournal, MySpace, Typepad, Wordpress, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Mail, or Thunderbird?


  1. Login to Blogger
  2. Click "Layout"
  3. On the sidebar of your layout, click "Add a Page Element"
  4. Under "HTML/JavaScript" click "Add to Blog"
  5. Add a title like "Try this" or "Cool web browser"
  6. Copy the code of your favorite button and paste into the "Content" box
  7. Click "Save Changes"


  1. Login to LiveJournal
  2. Hover over "Manage" and click "Info"
  3. Copy the code of your favorite button and paste into the "Bio" box


  1. Login to MySpace and click "Edit Profile"
  2. Copy the code of your favorite button and paste into the "Interests" box
  3. Click "Preview Section" and then "Save All Changes"


  1. Login to TypePad
  2. Click on "TypeLists"
  3. Select List type "Notes", give the List a name and click "Create new list"
  4. Click "Add this list to your weblog(s) or About Page"
  5. Check the box next to your weblog and click "Save  Changes"
  6. Click "Add a new Item"
  7. Copy the code of your favorite button and paste into the "Note" box


  1. Login to your WordPress and go to your Dashboard
  2. Click on "Links" or "Blogroll" and then "Add Link"
  3. Type 'ShoppingAdvisor' into "Name" or "Link Name"
  4. Copy and paste the first URL of the button code into  "URI" or "Address"
  5. Click the "+" on the far right side of the "Advanced" bar
  6. Copy and paste the second URL of the button code into "Image URI" or "Image Address"
  7. Click "Add Link"

Yahoo! Mail

  1. Login to Yahoo! Mail
  2. Click "Options" and then "Signature"
  3. Check the box that says "View HTML Source"
  4. Copy the code of your favorite button and paste into the  "Signature" box
  5. Click "Save"

MSN Mail

  1. Login to MSN! Mail
  2. Click "Options" and then "Signature"
  3. Personal e-mail signature"
  4. Copy the code of your favorite button and paste into the  "Signature" box
  5. Click "Save"

Thunderbird Mail

  1. Create a new text document
  2. Copy and paste your affiliate code into that document and  save it as whatever_name.HTML
  3. In Thunderbird, go to Tools > Account Settings >  Click on the account to use with your signature
  4. Tick the checkbox that says Attach this signature:
  5. Point to the path of the HTML document that you saved  
  6. Click Ok

Join the Referral Program! Click here »

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